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February 26, 2020 3 min read

Hi! I am Tony Crimmins and I am a psoriasis sufferer”.

I say this all the time when I start on some type of communication. Who would have thought that I would ever start a conversation with what has ailed me for the past 30 years. I always hoped that the doctors would be right and that I would “grow out of it”, but it was not to be, and I know now that it has affected me very deeply. Psoriasis is a strange disease as it creeps up on you and slowly puts you into isolation. It was only when I caught up with Todd Bellos in New York that I understood the need to talk and tell my story. I am every grateful to Todd who does this for so many people, I called him a super hero called “Mr Psoriasis”, and we both laughed. I always say to my brothers and sister- all 5 of them- that they don’t understand what psoriasis is, or what it is like. I think you only truly understand if you have the disease, or if you live with someone who suffers from it. How could you otherwise. My brother Tom said to me a week ago that he didn’t really understand what I had and how it affected me. I suppose because psoriasis is an unsightly disease, you don’t get a chance go out and broadcast it. It not like having a heart attack or losing a limb as that happens suddenly and everyone notices. But psoriasis is a sycophant, it lives off the host. I treat it as if it was a separate living entity, but in fact, the truth is, that it is me and it is what makes me, me. I don’t want to talk about the pain or the embarrassment of painful scaly, flaky skin, as all psoriasis sufferers know about this, as we live with it day in day out. And to be honest the only people who will read this are fellow psoriasis sufferers, so let’s be positive.

I created the Ocean Soothe Range because I had the background in the science necessary to understand what I needed to alleviate the symptoms I am afflicted with. I often read stories about other people who have come up with solutions for psoriasis sufferers, but they don’t gel with me anymore. Over the past 30 years I have tried every single product touted as a cure for psoriasis. I feel blessed that my background in science has enabled me to put together the pieces of the puzzle and finally after many long, difficult, embarrassing years I have come up with the solution to my problem. I discuss the science behind how my Ocean Soothe works is another communication I sent out recently. In short, the secret lies in the ocean. I recognised years ago that swimming in the ocean would buy me 3 days reprieve from the incessant itch and scaly skin.

Karen from Psoriasis Australia always reminds me that as psoriasis sufferers we have to maintain the best sense of humour. Like every psoriasis sufferer we will try anything, only to find out later that it is not actually good for your health. But we are a desperate bunch and any relief is better than none, so we continue to try anything on the premise that it might work. 

But what if I actually have stumbled on a solution for the itchiness and the flaky, scaly skin. It is not patentable so the big pharmaceutical companies are not interested in it, as this means there is no protection on their highly profitable drug lines. I have and will always have psoriasis but now I feel empowered. Ocean Soothe has stopped the debilitating itch and that has helped me immeasurably. There is no cure for psoriasis, however managing the itch, pain and other symptoms of psoriasis is the most important treatment. Psoriasis leaves physical, emotional and social scars, and I of all people can relate to how debilitating it is.

I send out small patch samples, not to cure your psoriasis but to give you a natural alternative relief to psoriasis symptoms. Any reduction in itchiness, redness, flakiness or pain is the best indicator that your psoriasis will respond well to my Ocean Soothe. Remember my Ocean Soothe does not interfere with your current medicines. It is natural and can be used as often as you want.

Ocean Soothe has changed my life and I feel it is my social obligation to share this breakthrough with you.”

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