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Living with Chronic Disease in these uncertain times...

March 16, 2020 2 min read

I’m a married mother of two teenage boys working as a Finance/HR Manager and I have Multiple Sclerosis. While it’s not known exactly what the risks my MS treatments may add to the effects of this virus I am following advice and keeping as isolated as possible. So, while I’ve been able to continue to work from home for the past two weeks the reality of home isolation presents some unique challenges. Here are some of the techniques I’m using to keep my mind and body positive and healthy during home isolation.

  • I don’t stay in my pyjamas all day - I get up, shower, eat breakfast and am in front of my computer, ready for work by 8:30am. Life goes on and this way I’m ready to handle anything the day throws at me
  • I’m keeping in touch - I use video and phone conferencing regularly throughout the day to catch up with friends and colleagues. Visual contact works best for me but I’ll happily take a phone call anytime.
  • I’m keeping my body active - as my physical world gets smaller I’m forcing myself to use my body more. I practice yoga, and have an exercise bike and some weights that I’m using while taking regular breaks from the computer. If you don’t have exercise equipment - Improvise! Lift some cans, run on the spot, do some sit ups, stretch regularly - there are no excuses and you’ll feel better for it.
  • I’m getting outside -being outside on your balcony, or in your courtyard or garden is essential. Feeling nature, getting some sunlight and fresh air is both healthy and healing. Few things are more reassuring than hearing the world around me.
  • I’m meditating regularly- it’s not for everyone but I can’t recommend it enough. There are plenty of free apps available – start with something short and work your way up. Even a 5 minute guided meditation can make a significant difference.
  • I’m staying positive and keeping informed -knowledge is power but panicking will achieve nothing. I’m managing stress and limiting my web searches and news updates to a couple of times a day. Australia is extremely well placed to deal with this epidemic and we’ll all get through it together.

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