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Comparing Symptoms of Psoriasis

October 02, 2020 2 min read

Psoriasis is one of those conditions that rarely comes up in everyday conversation, so it’s always a surprise when you strike up a conversation with a stranger just to find out that either they or someone in their close circle has the disease. Worldwide approximately 125 million people, several million of whom are Australian, but as it isn’t life threatening, unless we know someone with it, we don’t realise how debilitating it is, nor do we realise how great an impact it has on the lives of those who live with it in silence. 

When you launch into a conversation with strangers about psoriasis, you invariably hear about which particular pharmaceutical they are currently using in their personal attempt to control the annoying symptoms. Funnily enough though, none of these over the counter remedies seem to offer lasting relief. Not everyone has the same symptoms and seasonal changes can bring relief to some. A comment I often hear is that the beach and sunshine of our great Aussie summer can instantly relieve the pain - concern about sharks or skin cancer comes a distant second to the lure of relief however temporary.

Of the symptoms, if itchiness, red welts and pain weren’t inconvenient enough, surely the endless trail of skin that flakes off in a conspicuous stream causing no end of embarrassment takes the cake. I remember hearing once of someone who dumped their partner because they were fed up with the grit all over the floor, furniture, bedding etc. it’s no wonder a large proportion of psoriasis sufferers also tend to suffer from depression. How humiliating would it be to always have to worry about the trail of flaky skin you leave in your wake? Or to have to be constantly apologetic to your significant other for the dust?

Which is why, when you come across something that works, like the Ocean Soothe range, relief is not just for the sufferers, but also for those they live and work with and all who come after them. We are no longer able to travel to the Red Sea to get relief from its concentrated mineral salts, but thanks to the wonderful Ocean Soothe range of Abundant Natural Health we no longer need to.

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