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My Scalp Psoriasis Journey

December 14, 2020 2 min read

Summer, the toughest month for my scalp psoriasis. Flare ups throughout the scalp, back of neck, inside and back of my ears. And the older I get the more it seems to be moving near my eyes and nose.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Australian summers. Days in the sun and water at the beach, especially gorgeous coastal breezes. But when the humidity starts it’s a very different story. That means only one thing, intense management time for my scalp. I’m forced to snap into gear. No more falling to sleep with wet hair. Blow drying my hair after gardening, exercise or just pure muggy days to get rid of any perspiration on my head. I’ve tried everything, you name it. Smelling of every concoction you can think of just to have some relief. Summer always reminds me when I was in my twenties, night clubbing. Winter was great but come summer on the dance floor the club would flick the fluro lights on, everyone would look so cool, highlighting their outfits, make up and accessories… for me, I looked like a walking snowflake. That meant a quick exit to normal lighting, hard to do especially when the DJ finally puts on the song you’ve been waiting to bust a move to all night!

Over time I’ve learnt the triggers of my scalp and the unavoidable times like a hot muggy summer. I tend to eat better in summer, exercise more and generally feel more relaxed. Up till now that’s the best way I could manage my symptoms. With Abundant Natural Health Ocean Soothe Scalp Relief leave in treatment I can relax even more. I’m a big fan of the Serum, with it’s easy to use canula tube. I shower in the morning, put it directly on to my scalp with wet hair, let it settle for a minute then add anything else I want –gel, moose, conditioner – then blow dry my hair. It doesn’t leave it greasy or dry. The serum goes straight into my handbag for those “just in case” times e.g. Picking you head in a meeting… which I’m prone to!

For the first time there’s something that takes the itch away immediately, doesn’t smell and allows me to not worry about picking and falling flakes all day long. I’m actually starting to like Summer already

- Shanan Birkin

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