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Proudly helping our friends in China..

March 04, 2020 2 min read

A wonderful feel-good story during hard times…  We wanted to help our friends in China in some way and it turned out to be a long but rewarding experience. 

What ANH did:

Many months before the virus of first reported Abundant natural Health arrange for all products to be independent tested by  Dr.Van Khanh Nguyen (professor at Pusan National University) who verified that our Abundant Natural Health’s products are 99.9% anti-bacterial.

We can now proudly say that our Ocean Soothe and Magnesium range of lotions and gels sanitise and moisturise your hands simultaneously.   This will help ensure hands do not become sore, dry and red which can occur when using alcohol based anti-bacterial sanitisers over an extended period.

When Xinyue Wang, the ANH Manager of our China office, described to our CEO, Tony Crimmins the painful, dry and cracked hands of medical professionals fighting the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus his immediate response was “what can we do to help?”.  Tony offered to donate 1000 units of products sitting in our warehouse in China and distribution could begin immediately.

Our team in China began trying to distribute these products targeting, Tianjin Wuqing People's Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital and Central Hospital, Wuhan, Hubei Province, and to the cohort of medical staff heading to Wuhan from Shanghai. These hospitals and medical professionals would now have an alternative hand sanitiser to 75% alcohol-based solutions.

Tony thought donating 1000 units would be easy, it was not! Strict Chinese laws would only accept products from a government-controlled list. Undeterred, Xinyue looked outside the “square” and found a way to get the products to the Covid 19 epicentre in Wuhan.

“With deep gratitude in my heart, I felt I must make this work. I asked connections who currently serve in Wuhan hospitals, and they were thrilled at the thought of getting something like this to soothe their hands. I was reassured by the urgency of this need, and I felt strongly that I must get these products into the hands of people who need them. The process is now underway and all 1000 will be dispatched” Xinyue Wang. 

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