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Rhoda Silber - Miracle Products that we recommend

January 22, 2021 1 min read

Since 2009, my husband and I have enjoyed nine magical Xmas holidays in different European countries. Why was 2019 in Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland our best ever? Apart from the stunning destinations, it was due to our discovery of Abundant Natural Health Magnesium Gel! After reading about it in a Sunday newspaper, we decided to give it a try...we utilised it on our long flights, before bed and before walks, and it really kept muscle pain and cramps under control. 

Since then, I always ensure I have both the Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Cream in stock at home. I previously suffered from severe debilitating leg and feet cramps at night. Abundant Natural Health Health Magnesium Gel, combined with exercise and stretches before bed, have alleviated the cramps to the extent that I am no longer nervous about moving my legs during the night and have a more restful sleep. I keep the gel in the fridge, and enjoy the cooling effect from the cucumber extract, particularly during summer. My husband has had knee pain and  he utilises the magnesium cream before bed, and has also seen excellent results. In our opinion, these are miracle products and we recommend them wholeheartedly! 

Rhoda Silber

January 2021


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