Study - Magnesium's importance in maintaining health to counteract Covid-19

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The latest (June 2020) clinical study [1] by researchers associated with the Singapore General Hospital and the NUS-Duke Medical School Singapore highlights the important role of magnesium (Mg) in enhancing Vitamin D adsorption to combat the symptoms of Covid 19 in elderly patients. The importance of Mg in counteracting other adverse impacts of health [2-4] as an anti-inflammatory agent, in balancing potassium (K) and calcium (Ca) roles and others has also been reviewed lately, all contributing to the effective treatment of Covid 19.

Mg supplements and in food/drink sources will now play an important role in maintaining humans’ physical and mental health to counteract Covid 19..

More details can be found in:

Reviews on potential roles of Mg in the treatment of Covid 19:

Clinical study on Mg-Vitamin D-Vitamin B on treatment of Covid 19 (Singapore):

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