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The Healing Power of the Ocean

September 12, 2020 2 min read

Why the Ocean is a powerful natural psoriasis healer 

Anyone with psoriasis will tell you- the best thing for psoriasis relief is the ocean. But why? Why does the ocean provide so much itch, redness and pain relief for so many people with psoriasis? 

In the past, doctors would recommend their patients go to the seaside to cure ailments. Specific time lengths and frequencies were often prescribed to cure disease..  

Ocean water has a different mineral profile to other water bodies. Ocean water has significantly higher amountsof minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. This high mineral salt content is why it provides so much relief for people with skin conditions like psoriasis.  

Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune (where the immune system attacks healthy cells) skin condition. Physically psoriasis is debilitating. It is marked by skin rashes made of itchy, scaly, red plaques. 

Bathing in natural mineral-rich water, called balneotherapy, and has long been used to treat psoriasis. This was typically in the Dead Sea, a body of water marked but its high mineral salt profile.   

These mineral salts are packed with numerous skin-healing properties which help to absorb toxins in the body and promote the healing process of the skin. These mineral salts are considered natural anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials and anti-septics.  


There are so many healing powers salty ocean water for people with psoriasis, but what if you do not have the luxury of convenient beach access? 

Our solution is Abundant Natural Health Ocean Soothe. Ocean Soothe has 160% more salt concentration than the Dead Sea and has the mineral profile of the ocean to for relief for dry, irritated, and itchy skin. 


Ever thought of the benefits of ingesting Ocean Water? Well there are plenty of studies to show the benefits of deep ocean water ingestion for reducing whole body inflammation. Abundant Element is based off the mineral profile of Deep Ocean Water to provide Ocean Relief from the inside out! 


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