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Transdermal Magnesium: Why Our Products Stand Out From the Rest

August 16, 2019 3 min read

The word ‘transdermal’ refers to elements passing through the skin. In order for your skin to absorb Magnesium, it needs to break through the surface and that’s where the Abundant Natural Health Magnesium range makes all the difference.

We infuse our Magnesium products with our natural cucumber acids which exfoliate your skin and open your pores, so the Magnesium is quickly absorbed into the highly porous epidermis and the outer layers of skin, through to the blood vessels and into the bloodstream. This ensures that the Magnesium soaks into your blood stream quickly rather than just sits on top of your skin, stinging and creating a salty layer. And that’s the game changer!

Along with paving the way with our world-first inclusion of cucumber, here’s some of our favourite reasons why our products are the obvious choice for the transdermal application of Magnesium.

They’re fast

Transdermal Magnesium provides a quick, effective method of remineralisation i.e. upping your Magnesium levels to where they need to be. Applying this magic mineral topically allows it to get to work straightaway and gives you fast pain relief when and where you need it most.

They’re easy to use

With our Gel or Spray to choose from, all you need is a quick pump or spray, to rub it in and you’re done, so is the perfect option for ‘on the go’ application and pain relief – keep it in your desk drawer, bathroom cabinet and gym bag for a top up when you need it.

They’re targeted

Applying Magnesium transdermally gives you control of the application and therefore targeted relief from pain; massage it into your temples to fight off an impending migraine, rub it into your tummy to help with pesky PMS, your calves as part of your cool down after a run or on the soles of your feet to help you unwind for a restful night’s sleep. It’s versatile and hits the spot every time!

..and there’s no side effects!

Did you know that oral Magnesium supplements often come with unwanted side effects as they need to pass through the digestive system and have a tendency to create a laxative effect, meaning that a smaller overall percentage of Magnesium is absorbed? Not what you need! To avoid an upset stomach and losing more Magnesium than you absorb, opt for transdermal Magnesium every time, particularly if you’re a sufferer of IBS and inflammatory bowel conditions who struggles with the side effects of oral supplements.

Our World Leading Difference - Cucumber

We’ve created the ultimate power couple in pain relief, combining our highly concentrated, organic Magnesium with cucumber juice, high in citric acid, from our purpose-bred cucumbers. This key ingredient is perfect for prepping the skin for the absorption of products, as it’s a powerful, natural exfoliant, which effectively removes dead skin cells, essentially ungluing them from each other to prepare the skin for maximum absorption.

This versatile mineral will also:

  • Relieve muscle aches, pains and cramps
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost energy
  • Aid Digestion

Well it seems that your transdermal knowledge is now topped up! What to do with it now? Why not jump on over to our shop and check out our Magnesium Gel (AUSTL315378) or Spray (AUSTL315181) and if you’re still unsure if transdermal Magnesium is the best method for you, order our FREE SAMPLE today.

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