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Abundant Natural Health

The Natural Pain Relief Company®

Built on a foundation of good science, Abundant Natural Health is 100% Australian grown, owned and made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Our ranges include Ocean Soothe for the treatment of Psoriasis & problematic skin conditions and Magnesium for natural pain relief & wellness.

Our partnership with EcoMag ensures you receive the world’s purest magnesium naturally. Sourced directly from the infinite resources of the Ocean without mining - mindful of needs of future generation. The lowest carbon footprint has been proven as it is sun dried for over 2 years using solar/thermal energy to turn seawater into a highly concentrated source of magnesium. The extraction of magnesium using EcoMag’s process is the only magnesium to be recognised as Organic Certified Input in Australia. EcoMag’s magnesium products at >99.5% are the purest in the world without any harmful contamination. The Mg recovered is used to make EcoMag’s organic magnesium salts (>99.5% pure) satisfying strict pharmaceutical quality criteria.

As the Natural Pain Relief Company® we strive to ensure our customers receive natural relief, that is affordable, uncomplicated, with no side effects.

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