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Overcoming Psoriasis Complete Monty

We have bundled together our Ocean Soothe® Gel,  Ocean Soothe® Lotion, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Serum, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Spray, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Control Shampoo, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Control Conditioner, Ocean Soothe® Inverse Relief Body Wash and Ocean Soothe® Flare Relief Bath Soak for the perfect management solution of problematic skin.

Ocean Soothe® Gel (1x80mL) and Ocean Soothe® Lotion (1x90mL)

100% natural formulations containing Magnesium infused with olive oil and aloe vera to hydrate, soothe, and soften the skin.

Fast absorption, odourless and non-staining to clothing.

For the relief of problematic skin:

  • Itching
  • Peeling, Scaling and Crusty Skin
  • Inflammation
  • Irritation
  • Dryness

To optimise results we recommend combining Ocean Soothe® Gel (for use during the day) and Ocean Soothe® Lotion (for use at night).

AUST L Certification: 

Abundant Natural Health Ocean Soothe® Gel AUST L 317790
Abundant Natural Health Ocean Soothe® Lotion AUST L 317787

Ocean Soothe Scalp Relief Serum (1x50mL) and Ocean Soothe Scalp Spray (1x60ml)

100% natural, leave-in treatment for the relief of problematic, dry, and flaky skin on the scalp, forehead, neck, behind and inside the ears.

Easy to use, fast absorption, odourless and non-greasy.

Ocean Soothe® Scalp Control Shampoo (1 x 300mL) and Scalp Control Conditioner (1 x 300mL)

A 100% natural, odourless, gentle shampoo and conditioner. Free from parabens and sulphates Ocean Soothe nourishes your scalp whilst protecting your hair follicles. Our highly concentrated salt helps to clean and remove flakes while the organic magnesium cleans the skin. Assists in restoring your scalp to a natural state. 

Ocean Soothe® Inverse Relief Body Wash (1x240mL)

100% natural formulation, high in salt and Magnesium. Designed to cleanse and relieve problematic skin in folds, creases, and intimate areas of the body. Perfect alternative to soap, which may dehydrate and irritate affected skin

Ocean Soothe® Flare Relief Bath Soak (1x500mL)

100% natural formulation, high in salt and Magnesium. Infused with Lavender Oil, this highly concentrated formulation is designed to deliver instant relief for flare-ups associated with problematic, dry, and flaky skin.

The combination of salt, Magnesium and Lavender Oil:

  • Decreases flare-up effects
  • Helps you wind-down naturally
  • Hydrates and soothes skin

Gives you up to 8 baths per a bottle.

Australian owned, grown and made. 100% natural ingredients, with organically certified Magnesium from EcoMag.


See Ocean Soothe® Gel, Ocean Soothe® Lotion, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Serum, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Spray, Ocean Soothe® Inverse Relief Body Wash , Ocean Soothe® Scalp Control Shampoo, Ocean Soothe® Scalp Control Conditioner® and Ocean Soothe ® Flare Relief Bath Soak.