6 Health & Wellness Instagrammers to follow today!

6 Health & Wellness Instagrammers to follow today!

It’s all about holistic health as we move into 2019, with fitness, health and nutritional experts encouraging a healthy approach in all aspects of our life – not just one - and showing how we can make healthier, achievable choices on a daily basis. And this approach really resonates with us at Abundant Natural Health.

So, we thought we’d tell you about 6 inspiring health and wellness Instagrammers (and bloggers) who share that philosophy, are great role models and natural, honest and cheeky personalities (just like us!), so that you can join a community of likeminded people!

Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a fitness enthusiast and ex sprinter with a passion for health, wellness and self-development. A former elite athlete - Katie was one of the country’s leading beach sprinters - Katie captured the hearts of the fitness community when she started her Instagram account four years ago, filming her workouts training for nationals and world titles. She’s gone on to launch a podcast - where she chats to some of the most influential people in the health and lifestyle industries - and hopes to educate, inspire and encourage us to think differently, to move more and to uncover the secrets to living our best life. She’s also the co-founder of the Real Talk workshop alongside health coach Samantha Flock, which is aimed at women and focuses on health and wellbeing. She’s also a presenter, health and fitness influencer and in demand MC for fitness activations and events. What doesn’t she do quite frankly?!

Follow @katiewillly for health tips, self-development and positivity, fitness inspo and wellbeing

Lola Berry

Lola Berry is an Aussie nutritionist (and self-confessed health nerd), qualified yoga teacher, bestselling cookbook author and creator of the Happy Place smoothie and juice bar in Melbourne, so when it comes to health and wellness, she knows her stuff!

Her food philosophy is refreshing as Lola believes that it’s less about the food that you eat and more about loving and valuing yourself, because if you don’t love yourself you won’t prioritise your health. Her mission is to let the world know that healthy eating and living is easy and fun and to help people make small, achievable changes in their lives. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her energetic approach to an often-complicated subject has made her one of the most popular personalities in the health space.

Follow @yummololaberry for real talk, foodspo, inspirational chat and beautiful outdoor shots.

Rebecca Gawthorne

As a highly regarded, qualified nutritionist and dietitian, Rebecca writes for various magazines, blogs & websites, is in demand in the Australian media for her evidence-based, practical nutrition advice and has been an ambassador for numerous health campaigns, companies and charities.

She’s passionate about health and wellness, summer and the great outdoors and you can’t help but be drawn in her super positive, energetic personality.

Follow @nourish_naturally for beautiful food and lifestyle shots, recipes, health and fitness tips, tricks and inspiration.

Keep It Cleaner - Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw

Founded by models Steph Smith & Laura Henshaw, KIC is an online lifestyle program that aims to help us live a better life, without the fuss. Full of HIIT, boxing, running, strength training, healthy meal plans, regular meditation sessions and life hacks, it’s all about showing how we can live clean without sacrificing the things we love. They’re firm believers that living a wholesome life is the key to success and happiness and their program focuses on keeping things simple and cleaner, with the aim to reinvigorate our attitude towards fitness, food, and life.

Follow @keepitcleaner for a good mix of workout, recipe and meditation/positivity content.

Caroline Groth

Caroline is a yogi, cancer survivor and all-round inspirational woman who hopes to help others and inspire a change in society (and its thinking) by sharing her health journey and take on health and wellbeing. She has lived through eating disorders, depression and anxiety and wants to inspire others to lead a happier life. She’s raw, real and unfiltered and documents her good days, bad days (spots and all!) and everything in between on Insta and her Stories,

Follow her for food and fitness inspo as she shares her life online in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with her pooch and partner.

Lyndi Cohen – the Nude Nutritionist

Lyndi Cohen is an Aussie nutritionist known as the Nude Nutritionist and is passionate about helping us to eat healthily without obsessing or feeling guilty. Author of The Nude Nutritionist and the founder of the Keep It Real Program, which focuses on developing a healthy mindset around food, her core message is that we should eat mindfully, banish food guilt and never diet again. We like the sound of that!

Follow @nude_nutritionist for a whole lot of body positivity, real pictures, recipes and motivational thoughts.

Do you have any other favourite to add to the list? Let us know by commenting on our latest Instagram or Facebook post!

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