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Our Newest Ambassadors

May 20, 2019 4 min read

We are thrilled to be working over the next year with the very talented Caitlin Foord, Chloe Logarzo and Lisa De Vanna as Brand Ambassadors for our Magnesium body range. Elite football players who have played for their country on the international arena, and no strangers to the huge benefits of Magnesium to improve muscle recovery and aid pain relief, they’ve tried most products on the market, but nothing has impressed them as much as our Spray and Gel!

We’ll be sharing interviews, photos and videos of them over the coming months so that you can get to know these inspiring women, why they rely on the power of Magnesium as sporting professionals and why they believe so much in Abundant Natural Health products. But first we thought that we’d introduce them to you, so without further ado say hello to Caitlin, Chloe and Lisa.

Chloe Logarzo

The lovely and very talented Chloe Logarzo is a midfielder who also plays for Sydney FC and the Australian national team. A Sydneysider, and of Italian descent, she started playing football at the age of 5 – with her dad as her coach – and is a real testimony to hard, work and persistence as she faced resistance due to her (small size) at a younger age and was only selected and recognised at an elite level later on in her teens.

That level of determination will no doubt help her in her coaching ambitions – at time of writing she’s in the process of completing her coaching license - as she is all about teaching younger kids to have pride, passion and desire and to not give up on their goals. She believes that if you want to do something you need to put in 110% and you shouldn’t have a backup plan!

And that attitude has served her well. Described by Matilda’s coach Alen Stajcic as "having the energy of two players", it’s hard not to be inspired when you talk to Chloe and see her in action on the pitch. Playing for her country at the Rio 2016 Olympics (at the age of 22) has been a career highlight to date, in particular hitting the crossbar in the 85th minute as well as taking and scoring the 7th penalty in the nail bitingly close quarter final against Brazil, in front of a roaring crowd of 65000!

Lisa De Vanna

And last but certainly not least, Chloe’s roommate on tour is the formidable Lisa De Vanna, a veteran of the international scene and at the age of 33 showing no sign of slowing down. Perth born, but currently living in Sydney and playing for Sydney FC in Australia’s W-League, and co-captaining the Australian team as a forward, her petite frame belies a big personality, strength of character and incredible pace on the pitch.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest female footballers in the world, she’s of Portuguese and Italian heritage, is passionate about her career and the sport itself, believing that ‘Football found me’ and is very grateful to be playing for her country doing a sport that she loves.

She credits the game with giving her discipline, a team focus and the knowledge that work ethic is everything if you want to succeed. She will happily say that she is obsessed with football, that it’s everything to her and has given her the life that she couldn’t have dreamt of without it. And it’s easy to see why the team look up to her and she is still a critical part of the line-up after 15 years on the national team.

Caitlin Foord

Growing up on the south coast of NSW, and coming from a non-football family, Caitlin Foord grew up watching rugby, focusing on athletics and touch at an early age before finding her passion in football.

Caitlin Foord is widely considered as one of the brightest talents in world football. At the age of 23, the versatile forward is already a veteran in the Australian football team, having already played in two World Cups - becoming the youngest Australian to play at a World Cup when she represented Australia at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup at the age of 16 - and been named the AFC Women’s Player of the Year in 2016.

Playing for Sydney FC in the W-League, she is currently recuperating after rupturing the Lisfranc ligament in her foot, which required an operation; she is committed to getting back on the pitch as soon as possible and has her eyes firmly set on the World Cup and a gold medal in the Olympics in two years! Her resilience and commitment are a credit to her and an inspiration to the generation of young players that are coming up behind her.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with these amazing athletes so watch this space!

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