"The possibility of doing something great and changing women's football is a huge reward" - De Vanna

"The possibility of doing something great and changing women's football is a huge reward" - De Vanna

Still on their high following their incredible comeback win against Brazil, Chloe Logarzo and Lisa De Vanna have opened up on their two different experiences of the game and how the preparation for tomorrow’s last round game against Jamaica has been.

Q1. So first up, can you talk us through the emotions of the Brazil game to go down 2-0 and come back to win how the team did?

LD: Watching from the bench its nerve-wracking because you’re not in control and to see your team in control of the game being 2-0 down is a bit frustrating. I had no doubt that something was going to give by the way we were playing, and we got the reward just before half time which gave us the momentum, we needed to go into the 2nd half.

CL: I never doubted us for a minute as I have belief in this team and everyone has bought into antes philosophy and I think he has done an amazing job. I think once we started playing our brand of football it was bound to happen and we got the ball moving well.

Q2. This one’s for you Chloe, you have mentioned that playing in the Olympics has been your career highlight to date – would your game against Brazil top that? How did it feel scoring that goal and then celebrating for your injured teammate?

CL: I think this must top it, it’s been a long hard road for me to get back into the team and to score just topped it off. The goal celebration was just a little reminder that we are all on this journey together and no matter how big or small you contributed to the team; we as a whole will fight for every single person that helped us get to where we are.

Q3. So now you are in Grenoble preparing for tomorrow’s match, what’s the feeling been like in the after coming off the high and preparing for you last group game?

LD: We are a very tight knit team and sometimes we have challenges but because we get along so well we know what it takes to get to the top and beating Brazil just showed how mentally tough we are.

CL: It’s great we are just preparing for our next game which is extremely important.

Q5. And with it being a must win, is the squad going in with the same plan as brazil or has there been more focus on a certain area?

CL: The way we play will not change - we bring the highest standards to every game and we are so focused, if we play our football to our greatest ability, we will be successful.

LD: The win against Brazil has given us more confidence and we always knew as a team what we were capable of doing, and that's not going to stop against Jamaica.

Q6. How are you both feeling on a personal level about the world cup so far and your own journey?

LD: Mentally it’s getting tougher as we've been together for 4 weeks already, however the possibility of doing something great and changing womens football is a huge reward and that’s what drives me every day

CL: For me this is my first World Cup and I am trying to just take in every single bit of it.

Q7. As we follow everything that you two do on your socials it’s amazing to see how hard you both train and also very exciting to see that our Aussie made products are on the trip with you! Could you let our ANH family into how you fit our Magnesium Range into your World Cup regime?

LD: Thanks, I use it before I go to bed and every time I get a massage (which I get regularly), it's beneficial for my body as the tournament progresses.

CL: I use my range as the perfect recovery mix, the Magnesium gel and our recovery boots while watching a movie.

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The girls have also been reading all of your messages of support and wanted to leave our ANH family with this little message

LD: We really appreciate all the support! It's nice to have so many people on board. What we do as athletes can sometimes be really hard but to get this kind of support is what gets us through our journey.

CL: Thank you all for the support it truly means the world to me.

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