"We Need Your Support More Than Ever" Chloe Logarzo

"We Need Your Support More Than Ever" Chloe Logarzo

Firstly, from the entire ANH family we couldn’t be prouder to watch our wonderful Ambassadors pull on our national guernsey and run out on the field representing Australia. Thank-you for giving us your time as you prepare for your next match on Friday 14th June 2am AEST against Brazil!

Q1. What was it like walking out to play your first game of the competition? Chloe with you playing in your first ever World Cup and Lisa your fourth does it get any easier?

LV: Nope not at all, from the emotions in the changeroom to the moment I walked out - the feeling has never changed from the first world cup, I still feel excited, honoured and proud.

CL: To be honest I almost cried in the tunnel I think I was riding waves of emotions. For me it was a dream of mine coming true and I was so ready but also so taken back that it was finally go time.

Q2. We know any loss is disappointing but there were many positives out of the game, how are you feeling personally and how’s the vibe in the team?

LD: It's hard to lose a game when you've prepared so hard, but we are experienced enough to understand the first game does not dictate a tournament. The key is to mentally, physically and emotionally re-group for the next game. Honestly, I was feeling sad and frustrated but looking forward to next game.

CL: Yeah it’s always hard to lose a game but we moved on, we don’t really have time to dwell about the game and I think that’s a good thing we lost a game of football, it happens it’s a real test to now see how we respond to that. We know our roles and we are refocused for our task at hand.

Q3. Looking forward to the Brazil game this Friday, has there been any changes or shifts in your training or game plan? Can you share a bit of an insight for our ANH family?

LD: We have to trust the process, tighten up on a few things to improve on and focus on the things we're good at.

CL: Further to what Lisa said, we stick to our game plan because we believe in it but keeping in mind that we also need to work on one or two things.

Q4. There’s no doubt the nation will be following again to see that game plan executed! Speaking of following, we have seen some amazing photos on Instagram of your family and friends over in France supporting you, how much does it mean having them close to you?

LD: It's great to see how many fans have travelled over to France and see how big the game is getting. Having the family here to support us is great, they can reap the rewards with us.

CL: It means the world to me this is the first major tournament my whole family has been to and they have been excited for months. It’s just an incredible feeling playing in front of the people that have seen it all and that have been there from day one literally.

Q5. We know more fans wish they could be over there supporting but for those who couldn’t make the trip, ANH has been receiving some amazing messages of support for you both and the squad which we hope further shows that the nation is behind you!

LD: Yes we love receiving them, we really value that you not only support us as athletes but as people, which makes Abundant part of the family!

CL: Please keep supporting us it doesn’t go unnoticed and we appreciate every bit of it, we need you now more than ever.

Q6. Ok so on a lighter note – and this one is maybe more for the mischievous Lisa, has there been any tricksters amongst the squad so far?

LD: Ha I’m not mischievous at all! When we have free time some the girls like to jump out and scare the staff! which is really funny to see.

CL: However, majority of the time we do have our eyes on the prize!

Thank you again for taking time out of your training to answer these questions and we will keep sending through our messages of support. Your Australian supporters will be cheering louder than ever when you take to the field this Friday against Brazil.

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