Abundant Element

Introducing the Abundant Element Range, a range of tonics derived from Deep Ocean Water. Deep Ocean Water has a long history of use in many societies to correct the imbalances caused by the modern lifestyle.

The Ocean is comprised of a rich soup of life-sustaining elements collected from the land and distributed to ensure a natural balance. Abundant Element is sourced from the clean ocean off the coast of Western Australia and solar dried for over two years. Using expert technology, our Magnesium is extracted in its purest form.

The Abundant Element Range is made with our Magnesium. We guarantee 100% traceability from source to customer so you can expect a quality product. Our partner EcoMag is a specialist magnesium recovery company. EcoMag is a circular economy enterprise recovering critical elements from the Ocean. Resource recovery is truly the only process that has a positive impact on the environment.

Abundant Element is available in Original “Deep Ocean Water”, “Muscle”, “Sleep” and “Skin”.