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Get a good nights sleep

Sleep is essential for our health and longevity. It helps our body to recover from the day and ensures our body systems are in working order. Getting adequate sleep (7 to 8.5 hours) without sleep disturbances is linked to better health and a longer life free of chronic disease [1].

Statistics show that 32.6% of working adults sleep six or fewer hours per night [2]. The propensity to chronic insomnia increases as we age, affecting 30-48% of older adults [3]. Many of us turn to addictive sleep medications to get us through the night.

Get a quality, natural night’s sleep with Abundant Natural Health’s Element and Magnesium ranges. In the body, Magnesium blocks the action of NMDA (an excitatory chemical in the brain) and enhances the action of GABA (a calming chemical in the brain), facilitating sleep [4]. Magnesium supplementation has been associated with improvements in insomnia severity, sleep time, quality, onset latency and well as reduced stress hormones (cortisol and renin) and increased melatonin [4].

Combine a good sleep routine with your evening dose of Magnesium for a restorative night’s sleep and a healthier, happier and better you!


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