Our Magnesium Range

Pain is complex and largely misunderstood. From acute to chronic, disabling pain, the inflammatory response is a key contributor. Therefore, as a powerful anti-inflammatory, Magnesium acts to modulate pain.

Abundant Natural Health’s Magnesium range contains highly concentrated organic certified Magnesium, to ensure effective natural relief. Collected from the clean ocean off the coast of Western Australia and solar dried for over two years using expert technology, our Magnesium is extracted in its purest form. This, combined with cooling cucumber ensures fast absorption, and stingless application.

Our Magnesium range uses airless pump mechanism packaging to ensure the products are easy to use, with no mess or waste. Use every last drop for affordable, effective, fast-acting pain relief!

If you wish to trial our Magnesium range, please sign up for a free patch sample below. (Australian Residents only)

Pure Magnesium

Organically sourced Magnesium

Cucumber Extract

Exfoliates the skin allowing the Magnesium to work quicker

Easy to Apply

Perfect for use before, during or after sport/activity:

Primes Muscles

Reduces muscle soreness & accelerates muscle repair

Cools & Hydrates

Moisturises skin & helps soothe irritations and reduce swelling

No Sting

A gentle natural solution for: Aches, Pains and Cramps etc

The benefits of Abundant Natural Health Magnesium

Abundant Natural Health Magnesium Range has a multitude of benefits as can be seen here.