Our Ocean Soothe® Range

The Ocean protects, nurtures, and sustains life. For thousands of years people have bathed in the Ocean for leisure, relaxation and for its restorative and healing properties. Our 100% natural Ocean Soothe® range harnesses these properties for effective relief from symptoms of mild psoriasis, problematic, dry, and flaky skin. We bring the benefits of the Ocean to you, no matter where you are.

Psoriasis is caused by an overactive immune system, modulated by factors such as genetics, diet, stress and climate. At Abundant Natural Health, we deliver natural solutions for the proven relief of problematic skin. Our Ocean Soothe® range delivers specialised products for every area of the need – including the body, face, scalp, skin folds and intimate areas. We are proud of our products and deliver what we promise. The feedback from our customers is a testament to this. For more information, see our testimonials below.

If you wish to trial our Ocean Soothe® range, please sign up for a free patch sample below. (Only available to Australian Residents).

Our Salt

Reclaimed from Western Australian brines

Cucumber Extract

Repairs and nourishes your skin


Formulated to relieve mild psoriasis

Olive Oil

Helps to soften the skin

Aloe vera

Moisturises and hydrates the skin


Natural ingredients. Australian owned, grown and made

The Benefits of Abundant Natural Health Ocean Soothe

Our range of Ocean Soothe products have been found to have a multitude of benefits as can be seen here.